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Mysterium Verum

Casks of delicious beerMysterium Verum. Latin translation- Real Mystery. Our translation- where our creativity is only confined by the staves of barrels and Mother Nature. What started as an experiment with 4 used wine barrels and 8 tiny used bourbon barrels has expanded into a dynamic program of beers maturing in a cellar 130 barrels strong and growing. This diverse family of sublime ales consists of beers aging in wine, port, and bourbon barrels. The Kraken, Highlander, Devil's Share, Empire, Morgul Ale, and Volume XV are beers that begin their lives as one of our year-round or seasonal offerings. We divert a portion of these into barrels to be re-born after a sometimes lengthy gestation. In addition to these barrel aged beers, we have more ales that undergo a secondary fermentation in wood. Beers such as Imperium, Benedictum, Codex Triplex, and Scots Gone Wild are the first releases from the wild side of the MV family. We utilize wild yeasts, some of them indigenous to the brewery, and bacteria to produce acidity and complex flavors in these rare and unique beers. We will continue to make these beers as we look forward to introducing many more in the future. The Mysterium Verum line is currently draft only and production is quite limited. These creations are not so much a mystery to be solved but experienced. Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page for updates and availability. Dum cerevisiam est spes est!


The Brewers’ Cut series has produced many fine beers and Nøkken is the first one that we have migrated to Mysterium Verum. Our Blonde Barleywine was aged in American oak barrels, formerly containing red wine and white port, and aged for 11 months. Nøkken is a strong, yet very drinkable ale. The beer starts with subtle notes of caramel, quickly yielding to a more prominent vanilla, tangerine and passionfruit character, and finishing clean with a dry, almost peppery finish. You will find it hard to resist the allure of this new Mysterium Verum offering.

"The Devil's Share"

What do the angels leave behind? Obviously the Devil’s Share, the barrel aged version of our hallowed brew, Devil’s Backbone. Ten months of aging in American oak and Hill Country terroir offer a tipple much different than what the angels were sampling. Subtle notes of caramel and vanilla from the barrel make this beer noticeably different than its parent beverage. If you see this fine ale on tap, make sure to get your share.

Benedictum, WT3F?!, The Kraken, Highlander, Scots Gone Wild, Imperium, Shipwrecked, The Devil's Share, Empire, Vol. 13, Vol. 14, Vol. 15, Wild Kilt, Nunyah, Numnah, Whiskey Richard's Porter, Exciter, Oud Bruin.