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Label for SWORD Iron Swan Ale

SWORD Iron Swan Ale

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LIMITED RELEASE! Our newest canned offering is a tribute to the song that first introduced us to a packaging hall favorite, The Sword. Iron Swan pours a deep copper color and has an enticing intro of fruit and caramel with subtle hints of earth and spice. This medium bodied ale showcases the fruitiness of our house ale strain, along with the rich toffee flavors of English crystal malt. Added complexity is provided by generous amounts of English hops. Iron Swan finishes slightly dry with a mild spiciness that beckons another can. Fire up your turntable and audition Iron Swan yourself. Watch a video about the Real Ale & The Sword beer collaboration here. (Contains wheat.)

ABV: 5.5%    IBU: 56.00    OG (plato): 0.00
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