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Label for Brewhouse Brown Ale

Brewhouse Brown Ale

Caramel brown with a hint of chocolate, Brewhouse Brown melds four kinds of malt and American hops into a delicious dark ale. Rich and roasty, yet with a dry finish, it is the perfect companion for a hearty meal.

ABV: 5.40%    IBU: 40.00    OG (plato): 14.00
Label for Rio Blanco Pale Ale

Rio Blanco Pale Ale

Great American Beer Festival Medal

Gold Medal winner - 2010 Great American Beer Festival

Deep golden and malty, with a spicy hop flavor and well balanced hop bitterness, Rio Blanco is a uniquely Texan interpretation of an English-style pale ale. Czech Saaz hops provide a crisp finish and delicate aroma. (Contains wheat)

ABV: 5.30%    IBU: 40.00    OG (plato): 14.00
Label for Full Moon Pale Rye Ale

Full Moon Pale Rye Ale

Tawny red and full of malt and hops, Full Moon's unique flavor truly satisfies. The smooth sweetness of malted rye and barley is complemented by generous helpings of Willamette and Cascade hops, resulting in an assertive American amber ale. (Contains rye.)

ABV: 5.70%    IBU: 40.00    OG (plato): 14.00
Label for Firemans #4 Blonde Ale

Firemans #4 Blonde Ale

Silver Medal winner - 2012 Great American Beer Festival

This refreshing blonde ale strikes a perfect balance between the smoothness of the malt, the subtle fruitiness of our house ale yeast, and zesty citrus notes from Crystal hops. Firemans #4 is a great way to beat the heat - enjoy it on a Texas summer day, or pair it with spicy foods to help put out the fire. The name comes from our good friends at Firemans Texas Cruzer, a local bike builder. Check out their rad bikes at

ABV: 5.10%    IBU: 23.00    OG (plato): 12.00
Label for Sisyphus Barleywine Ale

Sisyphus Barleywine Ale

Intense and warming, Sisyphus was Real Ale's first seasonal product. A healthy portion of hops balances the rich toffee undertones of the malt. Weighing in around 11% ABV, Sisyphus Barleywine is not for the faint of heart - makes a great nightcap!

ABV: 10.00%    IBU: 75.00    OG (plato): 24.00
Label for Lost Gold IPA

Lost Gold IPA

Massive additions of American hops in Lost Gold IPA provide the signature flavor of this Hill Country favorite. German Vienna and English Crystal malts give our IPA its rich golden-orange hue and subtle yet firm malt background. Lost Gold IPA is available year round, so there is no need to hoard this treasured brew.

ABV: 6.60%    IBU: 62.00    OG (plato): 15.50
Label for Devil's Backbone

Devil's Backbone

Named for the scenic ridge that runs between Blanco and Wimberley, Devil's Backbone is a Belgian-style tripel. Czech Saaz hops and Belgian yeast give this ale its distinctive flavor and aroma. Candy sugar made in-house at the brewery adds strength without increasing heaviness. The result is a deceptively strong, pale golden ale.

ABV: 8.10%    IBU: 35.00    OG (plato): 18.00
Label for Hans' Pils

Hans' Pils

Silver Medal winner - 2012 Great American Beer Festival

Pilsner is one of the world’s most popular beers and there are many interpretations of this style. The great pilsner beers of Germany, specifically Northern Germany, are the inspiration for our second lager - Hans’ Pils. These beers are known for being hoppier than the average pilsner and ours is no exception. In fact, at 52 IBU’s, it is hoppier than many pale ales. The featured hop in this beer is the spicy and herbal Tettnang Tettnanger hop. German pilsner malt yields a pale golden color and provides the perfect support for our blend of German hops. Our house German yeast strain ferments clean and dry which further adds to the authenticity of Hans’ Pils.

ABV: 5.30%    IBU: 48.00    OG (plato): 12.50
Label for 4-squared



What do you get when you take our top-selling Firemans #4 and transform it into Four Squared? Blonde Ale to the power of awesome! You might ask how we’ve accomplished this, and you probably should. We start with the basic Firemans recipe, add more of our premium 2-row malted barley to boost the gravity, and finish with massive charges of hops to give some bulk to this burly blonde. The clean, dry finish remains, supplemented by a proliferation of Crystal, Herkules and Amarillo hops. Add a round of dry-hopping, and you’re left with commanding notes of citrus and a substantial hop flavor and aroma.

ABV: 5.60%    IBU: 50.00    OG (plato): 13.75