Mysterium Verum

Codex Triplex

Barrel-Aged Wild Ale

Ever seen a barrel dance with the Devil? The release of Codex Triplex brings the wildly popular Devil's Backbone into the wildly complex folds of the Mysterium Verum program. After primary fermentation in stainless, Devil's Backbone is racked into barrels, where it will undergo secondary fermentation for 12-14 months. We've historically found great success with our barrels and Belgian-style ales, and this one is no exception. Codex Triplex has a complex aroma of bright fruit, oak, and an enticing funk, with a flavor that finishes dry and slightly tart. Let the dance begin!

  • ABV
  • IBU
  • OG (PLATO)


  • Draught
  • 500-ml. Bottles