Elderhop Saison

Project 28

Known for a diverse range of yeast-driven flavors including herbal citrus and spice, Saison also lends a tremendous amount of flexibility to the adventurous brewer who seeks to push these flavors even further through the addition of inspired ingredients. Our first foray into Saison included Sage and Blackberries, a combination right at home with the cooler weather of early Fall. As we move into Spring we’ve chosen a more citrus-forward, though still subtle, hop profile, along with the warm herbal notes of dried elderflowers. The beer is light in body, with a dry finish, with an intriguing character of floral melon and soft orange.

  • ABV
  • IBU
  • OG (PLATO)

Food Pairings

  • Fresh berries and goat cheese
  • White fish with citrus salad


  • Draught
  • Bottles