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Limited, rare and delicious.

24th Anniversary Double IPA

Chock full of Comet, Centennial, and Amarillo hops, this big, citrusy IPA will almost make you forget that you're partying at home. Top that off with Idaho 7, Strata, El Dorado, and Sultana dry hop, and there's a 100% chance you'll be smiling behind that mask!


Blakkr Imperial Black Ale was born in 2014 as a collaboration between Surly, 3 Floyds, and Real Ale. Bonded by their love of brewing and love of metal, this unholy trinity of brewers gathered around a brew kettle in Blanco, TX to craft this deeply dark concoction. Subtle dark malt and toffee character quickly yields to the citrus and tropical notes provided by a staggering amount of hops. The result is a crushing, black-as-night Double IPA.All hail the mighty BLAKKR!


  • ZWEIUNDZWANZIG – 22nd Anniversary Berliner Weisse

    To celebrate our 22nd anniversary, we are proud to present ZWEIUNDZWANZIG (“22” in German) - an epic name for an epic brew!
    With Zweiundzwanzig Berliner-Style Weisse, an old-school German beer style meets our new-school German brewhouse. The cooling loop in the brewhouse makes kettle souring highly predictable, which was key to our success with this historic style. We added Lactobacillus culture to cooled wort and allowed it to ferment for 36 hours, producing lactic acid and the soft acidity that really elevates this beer. Once acidified, we boiled the wort, cooled it again, and sent it to a fermenter to be finished by our house ale yeast. The result of this time-consuming process is a summer slammer that is refreshingly tart, with the flavor and aroma of sweet lemon. Zweiundzwanzig is delicious on its own or can be combined with traditional fruit syrups for even more tasty adventures - Prost!

    21 Pre-Prohibition Style Lager

    After 21 years, it’s time for a righteous kegger. Sure, we’ve been drinking beer for the past 20 years, but now we’re legal! And what better way to celebrate this time-honored coming of age than by hosting an epic field party? For those who may not be able to join us in Blanco, this is our birthday gift to you—a bong-able bevvy so easy to crush, you’ll have to charge for cups to subsidize your trips to the drive-through keg barn. So, gather your friends, pick up a keg (or five), and host a celebration at your favorite watering hole. Cheers, beers, and 21 years! ABV 4.6% IBU 22 OG 10.8

  • Ghost Eye Oatmeal Stout

    A new record and a new beer bring The Sword and Real Ale Brewing Company back together for another epic release. While our first collaboration paid homage to a classic Sword track, our newest project reflects the ever-evolving body of work from both the band and the brewery. As a track, "Ghost Eye" plays in the latter half of a record marked by a pronounced progression and more dynamic sound. As a beer, "Ghost Eye" joins the ranks of our new 22oz. bomber bottles, each one a display of depth and complexity of flavor.  Ghost Eye is no exception.  Aromas of roasted grain, chocolate, and coffee are intertwined with a slightly nutty and uniquely smooth mouthfeel derived from the addition of flaked oats.  So, throw on “High Country,” grab yourself an Oatmeal Stout, and let the face melting commence. All while the Ghost Eye watches. ABV 6.5%

    Watch a video of the brew day here.

    19th Anniversary Ale Baltic Porter

    A relatively obscure sub-style of porter, this imposing brew honors the roots of its heritage. Like its English counterparts, it is malt forward with the focus on dark malt character. Our porter is a heartier brew like the inspirational beers of the Baltic region. Available for a limited time in 22-oz. bombers and on draught where you can find it. ABV 7.7% IBU 30 OG 18

  • SWORD Iron Swan Ale

    This beer showcases the rich toffee flavors of English crystal malt, earthy and spicy English hop character, and a subtle fruitiness from our house ale yeast. Brewed with Austin’s own, The Sword. (does not contain wheat)

    Watch a video about it here.