After 22 Years, Check out our new Brewhouse!

Our 120bbl Braukon Brewhouse expansion is complete! We hope you'll visit us out in Blanco soon to see it for yourself.

Real Ale: Our Story

Working in the Texas Hill Country from a foundation of time-honored brewing tradition, we believe minimal processing produces maximum flavor.

Introducing Axis IPA

Brewed for tap walls overrun with the white noise of West Coast IPA’s, here’s an offering so exotic, you’d think it was from another world.

Pinsetter Amber Lager: Our Homage to Texas 9-pin Bowling

Going back almost 150 years, the German tradition of 9-pin bowling was once the most popular style of bowling in the United States. Nowadays, Texas is the exclusive home to the country’s few remaining 9-pin bowling clubs. The sport is known for its emphasis on socializing and community over athletic success, and also for its uniquely old-fashioned use of “pinsetters” to keep the game rolling. Instead of transitioning to the modern use of electronic pinsetting machines, Texas 9-pin leagues still opt for hiring local youth to do the job. Only a handful of these bowling clubs are left anymore, including one in Real Ale’s Hill Country home of Blanco. Pinsetter Amber Lager is the brewery’s homage to this time-honored tradition: celebrating the pride, independence, and good times that these Texas landmarks stand for.

Mysterium Verum: an Introduction

The one-and-only Schmitty Schmitterson dives into a little history about our barrel-aged and sour beer program, known as Mysterium Verum, as we gear up for the first ever release of MV beers in bottles.

El Guapo MV Release

Mikey P. (aka Brisket) talks about our latest Mysterium Verum beer release: El Guapo.

Benedictum Bottle Release

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” ― Albert Einstein

Brewers' Cut #28: Elderhop Saison

Real Ale Cellarman Kevin (aka K9) explains what makes our latest Brewers' Cut beer, Elderhop Saison, so unique.

Real Ale 20th Anniversary Party Recap

In April of 2016 we turned 20 years old! Check out how we celebrated....