Posted on October 11, 2016

New Draught-Only Axis IPA On Tap All Over Texas

Brewed for tap walls overrun with the white noise of West Coast IPA’s, here’s an offering so exotic, you’d think it was from another world.

Like its namesake before it, the axis deer of Southern Asia, so too has this species of hop-forward animal magnetism come to invade the landscape of IPA’s that have long held sway over the taps of Texas’s finest watering holes.

Tropical fruit, citrus, and a pale golden body, help keep this breed light on its feet. And with few natural predators there is little anyone can do to stop the spread. IPA may not have been born in Texas, but it will soon seem as native as the sky that stretches between its borders.

Watch as Production Manager Schmitty Schmitterson and Principal Brewer Tim Schwartz describe what makes an Axis IPA special:

Spoiler: It’s not a West coast IPA, and it’s certainly not an East Coast IPA. It’s a Real Ale IPA. Our Texas IPA.

We want you to taste this beer fresh, so you can only get it on draught. Head to your local watering hole and tell the barkeep you’re hunting for an Axis. It’s open season y’all.

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