Posted on July 30, 2016

Real Ale Ranked #1 Craft Brewery in Texas by Thrillist Panel gathered together a panel of Texas beer experts in summer of 2016 to rank their top craft breweries from 1 to 10. After the votes were in, Real Ale was ranked as the number one craft brewery in Texas.

Here’s what Thrillist had to say:

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Hill Country brewer’s entry into the Texas craft beer game. Or maybe we should say, the domination of the Texas craft beer game. “Real Ale has been putting out very well made beer from before the time that many new Texas brewery owners could legally drink,” says Floyd. Its long history shows through a solid lineup of classics, and more recent exploratory numbers including sours and barrel-aged brews using rare ingredients. Take for example, The Kraken, a favorite of Longoria’s which he goes on to explain “is part of their barrel aged series, Mysterium Verum. The base is their barley wine Sisyphus, aged in new, toasted American oak — it is literally liquid creme brûléed grapefruit.” Every single one of our experts put Real Ale in their top 10, with three even honoring the brewer with a coveted spot in the top 3. Long story short, Real Ale is the real deal.

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Many thanks to the judges and congratulations to the other ranked breweries. Cheers to good beer, y’all!