At Real Ale, we’re proud to support the people that support us. That’s why we work with a variety of local community events and organizations in Texas through donations and sponsorships.

Our partnerships are purposed-based, supporting causes Real Ale team members care deeply about. While we would like to support all that is good and worthy, please understand that because of demand, we are not able to meet every request.

For donation requests to your non-profit organization, please email with the following information:

Name of Organization:
Contact Name:
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Date & Time of Event:
Location of Event:
Estimated Attendance:

Please include a description of your event, the mission of your organization, and let us know why you think Real Ale is a good fit.  Cheers!

Donation requests must be made at least 6 weeks in advance of the event date.

**Please note that we will not donate to an event at location that holds license to sell alcohol.