Posted on January 30, 2017

Real Ale Mysterium Verum Scots Gone Wild & Coffissar Released in Bottles

Real Ale has released the latest beers in its Mysterium Verum bottle series: the popular Scots Gone Wild and new Coffissar. The debut of both beers in 500 mL bottles was marked by a celebration at the brewery.

Over 150 bottles of each brand were available at local stores Hill Country Liquor and Redbud Cafe. Fans were encouraged to come by the Real Ale Tap Room for free coffee from Katz Coffee, take a special early brewery tour with Tim Schwartz, and to taste the beers being released.

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For fans hunting for a bottle closer to home, below are the lists of stores all over Texas that should be receiving some the week of January 29th.

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Scots Gone Wild

Our first big sour release, and to this day our most popular, Scots Gone Wild rapidly took the sour beer community by storm, developing an almost cult-like following overnight. The base beer for Scots Gone Wild is a strong Scotch Ale, packed with residual malt sugar that provides the perfect energy source for a dynamic secondary fermentation. Aged in oak for 12-14 months, the emerging sour ale is marked by a pronounced tartness and cherry pie finish, with a light body that belies it true strength.


Imperial stout is a style that is well suited to both barrels and coffee; Coffissar is a unique union of the two. A brief stint in a blend of Rye Whiskey barrels and American oak brings elements of vanilla and wood to round out the hop bitterness found in Commissar. A colossal addition of cold brewed coffee infuses a substantial coffee flavor, providing a smooth balance to the roast malt profile of the base beer.

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